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What is Nutritional Therapy?


Nutritional Therapy is categorised as a complementary or "alternative" medicine which is a little odd considering we all need to eat.  In fact for the most part it just means the individual adjusting to eating habits which are beneficial to his or her specific requirements.   A consultation will involve you spending some time with the practitioner discussing your diet and working out what changes you could make to improve your health. We can work perfectly well alongside traditional medicine if this is applicable to you. 


So what is the difference between nutritional therapy practitioners and other professionals working in the field of nutrition such as a nutritionist or dietician?


We are regulated by the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy.  Others may not be regulated and are unlikely to be qualified to advise on a therapeutic diet specific for you.  They may work in a laboratory testing food products.


You are unique!  Nutritional therapy sees potential flaws in general population guidelines - what works for one does not always work for another.  As we are all individuals, the reactions to causes are likely to be different due to the biochemical differences between us.  Just think for example how some tolerate alcohol better than others.  The healthcare and nutrition you receive should also vary.  


The cause is treated – not the symptom.  Traditionally in the West - at least in modern times - we have focussed on clearing up our symptoms without considering why the ailments may be happening in the first place.  We believe that if symptoms only are treated and the cause remains – the problem remains. 


Prevention is better than cure! Another important point is that you do not need to have been diagnosed with a health problem to consult us.  We are all aware that diet can have an impact on our health.  Many clients are seeking knowledge on how best to avoid health problems in future.


Public appreciation of our beliefs grows year on year. It makes common sense and we think you will agree.