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A-Star Nutrition, a nutritional therapy practice and consultancy based in Sawbridgeworth, Herts


Email: astarnutrition@aol.com

Tel:    07535 209025


Some consultations are held with clients over a video link via Skype.  In the main, these are long-distance clients who may be abroad for at least part of their programme.


To use Skype you need to have a computer, plus a video camera and microphone facility on the computer.  There needs to be a connection to the Internet.


You also need to have downloaded Skype and created an account.  This is all free of charge. 


You will need to be in a quiet, private room with no distractions.  The equipment and link also needs to have been tested prior to the consultation so that there are no delays.


This option may not be advisable for all but very works well in many instances.  You can almost feel like you are in the same room!


Please discuss this option with the consultant.