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Who is our typical client?


There isn't a "typical client"! Nutritional therapy is suitable at every life stage (including the pre-conception of your child).  We take into consideration your age, gender and genetics.


Our clients wish to take a more active role in managing their health.  They include


The stressed: People who over the years have become so stressed and busy that they have simply overlooked caring for themselves.  They may be in the midst of successful careers or looking after a family – or both!  Stress is behind many health issues including fertility problems, weight gain, digestive, hormonal, mental, or auto-immune problems.


The concerned: Clients who for example are concerned their children's health is being negatively effected by the modern diet.  They may seem unduly tired or irritable. 


The exasperated: Clients who are fed up with continuing less-than-optimal health: IBS, PMS, menopausal symptoms, common colds, for example – despite trying to alleviate symptoms with traditional and other alternative medicines


The discontented: a large proportion of clients include those who wish to lose weight.


The healthy! Others already have good health but wish to get themselves in the best shape for a sporting event or pregnancy.  We can work closely with a programme incorporating a personal trainer.











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