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The Weight Loss Coach @ A-Star Nutrition


The Weight Loss Coach is a new, innovative programme from A-Star Nutrition.  It is for those who simply wish to lose weight


Permanent weight loss is often promised but rarely delivered.

Fads don’t work. Cabbage Soup! Atkins! How can you keep to these crazy schemes! There are no magic pills or potions.


Big business slimming clubs have very low success rates.  Research shows that you will have just as much success on your own!  40% of attendees fail even to lose 5% of their weight after one year of “dieting”.  Group leaders are not clinically trained.  Support is at best general guidelines.  Many men and women feel these groups are not suitable for them.


The Weight Loss Coach offers a viable alternative for those who are serious about losing weight.  We give you intelligent, relevant, scientific advice so that you understand how eating habits impact on your weight.  No fads.  No myths.


We discuss your diet, attitudes to food, genetics, weight loss history, preferences, and other issues relevant to you. I explain the biochemical reactions that foods can have with the body. We then put together the first steps of your weight loss programme appropriate for your lifestyle.


Your programme does not stand still.  Once you have succeeded in incorporating the initial suggestions into your daily routine, you will also learn in the follow-up sessions how further changes could help you in your weight management programme.


Clients on the weight loss programme can also purchase mini-sessions if they prefer.  These sessions can take place whilst we power-walk which is an excellent way of burning calories.   If you prefer, two adjacent sessions can be booked and the consultant can accompany you to a local gym or swimming pool – as some find this difficult alone in initial stages of a weight loss programme.  Supermarket visits are also an option. Sometimes clients feel they just need encouragement and if so mini-meetings can be arranged via Skype video calls. 


The  purpose of any of the follow-up sessions whatever the format is to give you continued support and motivation.  We talk about how you are progressing, what is easy and what is not.  You may find one a day is the approach for you, two a week or just one a week.  We can decide together what is best. 



If you wish to incorporate a qualified personal trainer into your programme, referrals are available across the local area.


I believe the client wishes to become happier with how they look and not what they weigh exactly.  Throughout the programme, we monitor progress with articles of clothing the client wishes to wear comfortably.