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Some truth but not the whole truth….


A food manufacturer wants to sell you his product.  He may not necessarily want you to be healthy.


Terms such as ‘low fat’, ‘low cholesterol’, and ‘high fibre’ can be misleading.   Products may be presented as  a “healthy” option and therefore could be appealling but in fact there may be little benefit to your health.  There are many things high in fibre but low in fat that you would not necessary want to eat… something you may step into inadvertently in the dogwalking area of the park for example.


Manufacturers also manipulate snack food ingredients by replacing fat or sugar with refined starch – fat and sugar are tasty to us and a lack of them may be unappealling.  You can just end up consuming foods of low nutritional value.


Whereas potential drug side effects must be disclosed, this is not the case with foods and beverages.  Therefore packaging and advertising can be selective.  The possible health benefits are focussed upon whilst the potentially unhealthy bits are ignored.  A food such as a breakfast cereal may include refined grains, sugars and salt as well as a meagre amount of “anti-oxidants”.  The bad could therefore outweigh any good and claims that the cereal could “boost your child’s immunity” need to be taken with (another) pinch of salt!  


Also consider the deceptive manner in which manufacturers present information to you.  One of my pet hates is the apparent healthy “probiotic" drinks for your "healthy digestion".  The sugar in these products is not mentioned perhaps because they encourge the growth of bad bacteria which in turn can lead to you buying more "probiotic" drinks.